tennis skirt pink

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 Pink Power! Look more cheerful and younger with bright color such this pink. Wear it to go outside with confidence and comfort. Not only boost your fashion sense, tennis skirt pink good material

will also give you a comfortable feeling when wear it. You wear it to a party, for hanging out or a beautiful date. Just focus on reaching your fashion goals and be the center of attention.

Want to shot the best Outfit of The Day photo for your Instagram? This skirt is made for you. It would looks stunning for your photo. Winning your selfie game with a simple and minimalist outfit from head to toe.

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and you will love to wear this cool, simple and high-end basic outfit from Kakuu basic.


waist about 70 cm, hip about 90 cm, the length of a garment about 37 cm


Lee Ho Sin is Wearing Pink Color | Size: Free



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