scoop neck sleeveless tee

USD 15.00

The fun thing about the scoop neck sleeveless tee is that they go with just about anything. Go for feminine and frilly with a camisole under a slim fit skirt,

or opt for lace, silk, rayon or even a cotton blend. The roomy t-shirt design would match perfectly with a similar slim and fit bottoms, or you can opt for

a more form-fitting denim pants if you prefer. Blazer or jacket as an outer will look good with this scoop neck sleeveless tee.


Complete your ensemble with a fun, floppy brimmed hat, a beret, or other accessories such as scarves or jewelry. The scoop neck sleeveless tee is

a unique item to having your wardrobe, and one that is sure to garner you attention wherever you go.


bust about 90-100 cm, the length of a garment about 45 cm, the width of a sleeve about 25 cm


Da In is Wearing Blue Color | Size: Free



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