ribbed cushion skirt

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Kakuu Basic produced four distinct styles, which one of them are pictured here. While the fabric options are considerable, we limit to a neutral,

narrow-ribbed, cottonfabric to play up on each skirt's contours and trim.

Kakuu Basic dropped a skirt with kick pleats lined in a corresponding hue at the front corner. The tailoring technique of waterfalling, or draping,

smooths the skirt's lines. The slim-fit style, with cushion materials, is a staple of Korean country style but is also at European in a casual urban wears.

We highlighted the seams with baseball stitching, matching the thread and fabric for a more refined look. The custom until recently was to 

ribbed cushion skirt halfway down the apron. Here, the ribbed cushion skirt with contrasting trim falls directly from the waist of the skirt for a rich,

full effect, showing off its sleek line.


Skirts for women in different looks and fits at Kakuu Basic you will find skirts designed for any occasion and any mood. This is also one of the reasons

our ribbed cushion skirt are made of luxurious and great quality materials that can last for several years. At Kakuu Basic Korean apparel store,

we produce our clothes in superb quality and stylish designs that becomes a classic in your closet and are easy to wear season after season.

But if you can make it out then wearing Korean apparel will be the best for every women.

When you buy a blouse you may get skirt packed with it but that skirt may be not fit with you and the design are the same like chiffon skirt, embroidered skirt etc.

Still keeping in mind that the woman buying the ribbed cushion skirt will be able to look fashionable while wearing in through several seasons.

There are many famous clothing designer who designs the best blouse for every one, so you got nothing to worry about if you are not getting good fitting blouse.

Style a ribbed cushion skirt elegantly with tee shirt, you can easily add a pair of high heels and sophisticated accessories. You can also style a more casual look

by mixing with a crop top and sneakers or shoes. Kakuu Basic’s designers keep the style relevant current seasons, trends and colors.


waist about 66 cm, hip about 84 cm, the length of a garment about 46 cm,


Da In is Wearing Gray Color | Size: Free

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