slim fit sleeveless OP

USD 8.15

Kakuu Basic allows you to be stylish in an economical manner and you will have a wonderful

shopping experience at this Korea fashion store. This amazing slim fit sleeveless one piece dress 

is available in four different and intriguing color tones which are blue, black, beige and pink beige.

All the four tones are entirely different from one another and have their individual charm.

You will observe that Kakuu Basic offers great competitive deals on this slim fit sleeveless

one piece dress. The dress has a unique design and is a symbol of contemporary Korea fashion

that has adapted the fashion techniques of today. You can redefine your feminine look with

the help of this stunning Korea fashion dress which is conveniently available at Kakuu Basic.



bust about 80-96 cm, the length of a garment about 96 cm, width of a sleeve about 20 cm




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