line fringe skirt

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South Korea has four very distinctive seasons. Winter is Siberian cold, but clear and sunny. Their summer is tropical, rainy and humid. Spring and Fall are pleasant,

though all too short. For summer I recommend linen; cotton clings in the humidity and does not feel cool. Find this line fringe skirt from Korea fashion online

Kakuu Basic that is good for Spring/Summer seasons and collest for sight-seeing. Korea is conservative. Short skirts are not a problem, (if you wear a very short skirt,

do as the Koreans do and carry a scarf to cover your knees when you sit down) , and bare shoulders are just marginally acceptable for college-age women.

Light lacy jackets are usually worn over sleeveless garments or tank-tops. Wear a modest line fringe skirt and pair it with any tops. Non-cling jeans and T-shirts

are fine to wear for daily wear or sight-seeing, and stay as neat and clean as possible.

"Anything in a line fringe skirt" describes a group of people whose only defining characteristic is they femininity. Someone interested in anything in a skirt does care

about their womanhood.


waist about 46-68 cm, hip about 76-86 cm, the length of a garment about 41 cm


Yui is Wearing Black Color | Size: Free



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