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From Kakuu Basic, elastic band jewelry inspired by the colors of Arizona’s Painted Desert. Choose a selection of differently designed bands.

During every season you are going above and beyond the call of duty by wearing necklaces. Truly inspiring Kakuu Mim band necklace

is the jewelry venture of Kakuu Basic Korean fashion clothing.

A Kakuu Mim band necklace or bracelet is really easy and fun to wear with , and has recently become a trendy accessory.

You can dance forever in this stunner. When light hits this Kakuu Mim band necklace — it glitters and gleams, making you the center of attention.

In this gorgeous jewelry, you'll stand beautifully. Got a special occasion coming up? When you're wearing this Kakuu Mim band necklace,

there's no competition for the spotlight. This necklace give you a sleek, sophisticated addition to a power outfit. The elastic band provide all-day

– or all-night – comfort and support.


But that's only part of the story. Think you can find a color to coordinate with your outfit? Thought so! Black and blue are your color choices

with the Kakuu Mim band necklace by Kakuu Basic. This necklace pairs with elastic band bracelet for an eye-catching, playful look.

They're also perfect for casual events, such as outings and parties where a more casual look is called for.


chain width about 2 cm, chain length about 34 cm, total length about 38 cm


Kim MinJoo is Wearing Blue Color | Size: Free



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