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There’s a certain elegance, freshness and sexiness in wearing a pair of jeans and a Kakuu.Mim basic tee. Would you?

Get some Korea fashion inspiration right here: We may think wearing and styling a simple tee is such a piece of cake, yet the moment

you’re wearing one, stripped off of all the sartorial extras you feel a bit weird, as if you’re too dressed down. Cutoffs or mini skirts for summer.

The moment you clash a Kakuu.Mim basic tee red with a smarter outfit – think pencil skirts, trousers, heels, blazers – you get a very chic

understated sophisticated look. Left out your tee, put up the subglasses and don a statement necklace.


Simplicity in style is quite chic and it sometimes does feel as if we need a dose of relaxed vibe in our lives. Sometimes I was OK with a basic one

but it had to be red or dark blue.

The Kakuu.Mim basic tee red comes in free size as a main ability. As a 1-star item, it also has one slot for a secondary ability.

What if simple became the new fabulous? Wouldn’t that be amazing? On this note I dare you to style a plain tee and consider wearing one anywhere.

Sneakers, wedges or flat sandals on and you’ve got the weekend look going on. Or can be kept simple to give you a chic effortless crispy look. 

For sporty casual styles, Kakuu.Mim basic teee are a uniform really.



bust about 110 cm, the length of a garment about 78 cm, the width of a sleeve about 25.5 cm,

 the length of a sleeve about 21.5 cm


Kim MinJoo is Wearing Red Color | Size: Free



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