kakuu mim band necklace white-pink

USD 5.10

 Kakuu mim band necklace white-pink is the result of collaboration between the best Korean designers who really understand about the development of Seoul fashion. Not only creating a necklace

that has a nice design but also comfortable and safe to use every day. You can use it to go to any event on your planner, you could go to a party on the weekend, brunch with a family or enjoy

a relaxing time with friends. Kakuu Basic also offers a variety of other fashion items that will add to the excitement of your style every day. As the largest Korean fashion online store, kakuu basic

not only provide the best goods, but also the cheapest for your fashion needs. With chain width about 2 cm, chain length about 34 cm and total length about 38 cm. This necklace is in the right size for you.

Wear kakuu mim band necklace white-pink with your favorite basic tee and jeans or a crop tea and cute skirt, it doesn’t matter, it will fit your outfit every day and will make you stand out.


chain width about 2 cmchain length about 34 cmtotal length about 38 cm


Lee Ho Sin is Wearing White-Pink Color | Size: Free



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