kakuu mim band necklace white-gray

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 Boost your modern impression by using kakuu mim band necklace white-gray. Accessories as the best thing to enhance your look will help you to show who you are. If you wear clothes that is

simple and not too flashy, you'll need accessories that do not look too plain. Kakuu mim band necklace white-gray has a design that supports your simple yet stylish look with strap and

accents form of artistic writing. This necklace is made from best rubber material that is not easily stretched and damaged when exposed to water or heat. Kakuu mim band necklace white-gray 

gives you a shade of color that can match all color, whatever you choose for your outfit. This necklace will give you a modern and elegant look.


chain width about 2 cmchain length about 34 cmtotal length about 38 cm


Kim MinJoo is Wearing White-Gray Color | Size: Free



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