kakuu mim band bracelet gray

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An exclusive collaboration between Kakuu Basic for Korea fashion and Kakuu.Mim. Transform your wrist band into a kakuu mim band bracelet gray

that equilibrium fashion with fitness. Keep road of your fitness goals with our kakuu mim band bracelet gray. Inspired by pure athletism,

it features a stable streaked mirth bracelet that rectify to adequate changeable carpus sizes. The elastic band particularization — supported

on our autograph graphic fretwork — is whole with a certain, easy-attack snare on the back.

The kakuu mim band bracelet gray is substance to spend and tear. Rated 5 out of 5 by sporty sophisticate, this bracelet was give forth in a opportunely

manner and professionally done up. The effect itself is adjustable and appears varnish. These accessories are why we syn the fitbit bend which is

very affordable compared to other fitness band bracelet. The workmanship is charming, very few know that this harbor a super-comfortable bracelet,

and that's the way we inclination it. Inside Our Product To build the most effective amusement bracelets we have improved elastic generation sport bracelet,

the most advanced technology in contradict products. We also apply graphic logo of your favourite brand to a position on each bracelet which note another

importance signage.


chain width about 2 cm, chain length about 15 cm, total length about 19 cm


Lee Ho Sin is Wearing Gray Color | Size: Free



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