kakuu mim band bracelet black

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The KAKUU MIM band bracelet black available on this Korean fashion clothing online is very attractive and comes up with designs of the latest

fashion trend. The bracelet comes in a very affordable price. It has a free size so one need not worry about the fitting. The color available

on the KakuuBasic.com online store for this bracelet is black. This KAKUU MIM band bracelet black can be worn at both formal as well as

informal occasions. It adds a very classy look to the person wearing it. The bracelet makes a good wear and you need no more accessories

to stylize yourself. It gives a graceful appeal. 


Women love dressing up! The process of getting dressed up is incomplete if you do not have proper accessories to go with your dressing.

It is a very important task to select the right kind of jewelry that you would require to get the jewelry that will suit your sense of dressing.

Kakuu Basic brings to you the best in terms of fashion and style. This is not just in terms of clothes but also accessories that do wonders

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chain width about 2 cm, chain length about 15 cm, total length about 19 cm


Lee Ho Sin is Wearing Black Color | Size: Free


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