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Retro running sneakers have built a subculture around them and cuffed-up jeans have become a quintessential element of wearing

the latest pair of Korean shopping Kakuu Basic 1s. The jogger pants was never meant to be exclusionary, but at its inception,

it showed that you had a certain taste level and enjoyed particular things. The trend, at its current transition, has bigger reach overseas.

So the jogger pants was born and first gained its recognition with sneaker connoisseurs who preferred running sneakers and wanted a sportswear look

that they weren't getting from their jeans. It’s a telltale sign of a trend’s move from a subculture indicator to a part of broader society

when it becomes available at the very outlets it wasn’t intended to proliferate.


They provide the same look that joggers do, but they’re clearly sweatpants. People in the States have paid attention to their Euro and Australian

counterparts that do this practice to their jeans, and it’s slowly catching on in America. That very process is happening to the jogger pants.


This comes around the time that think With Google is seeing jogger pants as a significant trend, stating: “Jogger pants see mass appeal.”

To back up its data, the piece goes on to show that when people search for jogger pants. It’s more practical to buy a black pair of Kakuu Basic's 

jogger pants and have them function as something that can be worn casually or dressed up. The New York Times wrote a trend piece

on children who refuse to wear jeans in favor of jogger pants.

Skinny jeans only did so much and weren't as comfortable as the jogger. Guys want something that’s going to last and not be an out-of-style

purchase within the next few years. On to the next. Europeans had long been wearing slim track pants or pinrolling their jeans, but no one

was taking a chino-like or denim pant and putting elastic cuffs on the bottom. A few years back, thanks to sneaker culture's disdain for oversized pants

that cover up footwear, the need for cuffed pants was eminent. Jogger pants, as we know them, have not only changed, but they’ve started

to relinquish their stranglehold on the ankles of sneakerheads.


waist about 60-70 cm, hip about 98 cm, the length of a garment about 91 cm,

crotch about 60 cm, width of thight 30 cm, leg opening about 10 cm


Kim Min Joo is Wearing Black Color | Size: Free



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