frill sleeve lace blouse

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A new style that accentuates your elegance and feminine side. Frill Sleeve Lace Blouse, a selection of clothing for activity in the office or outside it.

With beautiful lace details, these blouse will attract attention wherever you are. Frill Sleeve Lace Blouse show anything that does not exist

in the previous Kakuu Basic collection, truly a work of art from our Korean designer who fully understands Asian fashion trends. Although full of

vintage impression, it does not mean Frill Sleeve Lace Blouse cannot fulfill your modern style. Mix and match with slacks or culottes to get

modern style office lady.


shoulder about 32 cm, bust about 96 cm, the length of a garment about 60 cm,

the width of a sleeve about 20 cm, the length of a sleeve about 13 cm


Da In is Wearing Ivory Color | Size: Free



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