elastic waist high-rise pants

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Elastic waist high-rise pants is a perfect part of the voter's feminine and stylish. Elastic waist high-rise pants subordinate of Korean fashion 

maintains evolved in design to deviate in drifting and female preferences workmanship. The purpose of the Korean fashion which mainly depends on the color

and quality of the fabric. A complete color accented purpose of elastic waist high-rise pants radical wake. This is the principle of why women take supplies

mile want the right outfit for their pants. Waistband gives the impression of a formal yet comfortable and plotters hoped to Korean fashion.

These elastic waist high-rise pants look is designed in pastel colors, pink. It is very necessary to get the desired model that performed in sync with the color

of the fabric.


Choosing pants for your proportions and show more streamlined shape of your hips are noticing the difference formation shape of your body.

As the elastic waist high-rise pants are suitable to display slim and tall appearance. Freedom of expression and dazzling with unusual pieces of trousers.

Elastic waist high-rise pants are the latest series of the Kakuu Basic's springtime - there are many paths for certain events, so the style of Korean fashion 

highlight the advantages you have. The sweetheart - Elastic waist high-rise pants will have reserved stability of the KOREA FASHION FORWARD.


waist about 66-70 cm, hip about 100 cm, the length of a garment about 91 cm,

crotch about 68 cm, width of thight 30 cm, leg opening about 17 cm


Lee Ho Sin is Wearing Pink Color | Size: Free

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