cropped lace top

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The cropped lace top is comfortable and provides a firm fit for all body types and the lacey material

offers a nice contrast in texture and tone.

Because of its versatility, the Kakuu Basic cropped lace top provides one of the most basic foundations

of Asia fashion: versatility.  Wear the lace top barelegged and show off those long, lean legs, or wear

the lacey top with shorts or leggings in a variety of colors (after all, black goes with everything) for a less

formal look.

Accessorize with hats, jewelry, or outerwear to make a definite statement when it comes to your style.

Everything goes when it comes to the cropped lace top.



bust about 80-100 cm, the length of a garment about 45 cm, the width of a sleeve about 20-22 cm,

the length of a sleeve about 56 cm




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