color accent blouse

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Color accent blouse is interesting and fashion forward, the Round Neck Color Block Blouse has got your name written all over it!

This unique piece korean apparel features a round neck, short sleeves, and a 2-in-1 layered look. Finish the look with lace up stilettos

for that high fashion inspired look! 


Clothing for interviews - women different jobs require different styles of blouse. However, there is basically one universal code of dress

for a job interview. That is to dress conservatively. Traditional styles are most important for a job interview, regardless of the type of job

that you are applying for. Formal professional wear do wear a simple tailored skirt, matching jacket and color accent blouse.

This is always the best choice. A tailored dress is acceptable if it is worn with a jacket, but it is still the second choice to a good suit.

A skirt, slacks and a blouse or a dress are the best choice. Do wear a skirt or dress whenever possible. Pants are not the best choice

for a job interview, even in a casual working environment. If pants are worn, they should be slacks that have a crease. Never wear stretch,

form fitting or denim pants. Do wear pleasant colors – women have a wide choice in beautiful colors. Most are acceptable on interviews.

Best color choices for an interview outfit beige or navy – An excellent color especially for conservative organizations. Accent colors white,

cream, light grey or khaki – Good neutral colors for blouse or shirt and a good accent color encourages conversation.


bust about 104 cm, the length of a garment about 62-70 cm, the width of a sleeve about 20 cm


Da In is Wearing Beige Tone Color | Size: Free

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