Korea fashion week 2015

Seoul Fashion Week launched last month and lasted until today, April 18, 2015. It look place in Dongdaemoon Design Plaza, a mecca of fashion lovers. In addition to fashion people, many K-drama actors and actresses visited shows hosted by fashion designers and celebrated a week of fashion. Here
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Korean Fashion Has Greatly Evolved Due to Inspiration from the West

It’s not like we’re sneered at or excluded from anything. Complete the look with key accessories such as scarves, belts, caps and ties to look ulzzang or like your favorite Korean fashion drama or K-pop idol. Korean spending and fast-fashion have been going strong for years. But we always g
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All About Korean Fashion

Korean fashion is increasing its popularity nowadays. Many Korean people show their personality with their dressing. Korean style of fashion is mainly inspired by the US design visual and European countries.Different factors of Korean lifestyle have been increasing in popularity in other countri
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