Korean Fashion Style is The Hottest Trend in The World

Korean Fashion Style is The Hottest Trend in The WorldKorean style of fashion is now becoming more popular and is probably follow for quite a long time. Before Korea began to take the lead, the most popular fashion trend in Asia was Japan. But it seems like Japan has lost its title to Korea
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Current Trend Korean Women Clothing

'Fashion always changes with time, based upon the season and media Fashion trend changes' Fashion can be found everywhere it follows when you walk, it shows when you perceive something but it changes from country to country. The idea is in a different way used in different places based on th
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Who We Are

This is the official blog of Kakuu Basic®Kakuu Basic is the leading company engaged in the fashion industry business selling fashionable clothes for women, accessories and jewelry.Starting from a small business within the region, now we serve more than 65 countries to create the world’s lead
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