Fashion Trend Korea 2015

Top South Korea Women's Fashions for Spring 2015 South Korea has been the trendsetter for fashion and beauty for some time now. Bags, shoes, lipstick - all will be sold out if it is featured on a popular drama or in a Kpop music video. As always, trends take over everything so look for these clothes on every site. Spring 2015 fashion is taking South Korea by storm and all the trendiest South Korean women are trying these looks. These are the top most trending outfits in the spring of 2015 from South Korea. Korean Internet shopping malls are a whole different monster as well.

“Apparel and footwear continues to be a hotpot of activity in South Korea, with the price polarization trend intensifying. Fast fashion brands are a rising trend as they are value for money. On the other hand, luxury goods continue to show strong growth regardless of ongoing price increases,”

In spite of the language barrier, popular fashion blogs like Uzine and Purplebrain on Naver, Korea’s leading internet portal, and its microblogging service has a sizeable sum of followers across Asia. There is also a growing call for Korean fashion e-tailers to start operating internationally. Online fashion has been particularly strong thanks to Korea’s position as the most connected country in the world with lightning-speed Internet, wireless and mobile networks.

In 2015, vivid colors will be in trend. You guys probably used black eyeliner but let’s go for a colorful hot pink or blue eyeliner. For the eye lashes, eye lashes long and voluminous that remind you of Barbie’s lashes will be in trend for 2015. Let’s add the lashes with the colorful eyeliner and you will have a trendy makeup for 2015. Usually we are used to accenting our lips for our makeup but in 2015, the trend will be to accent your eyes with fancy colors with your eye liner, lashes, and etc!

Straight-across brows have been a huge trend in Korea for quite awhile already, with a slew of Korean models, actresses, and girl band group members opting for this softer look. Why exactly this has become a trend is hard to say, but we think it has to do with the fact that soft, arch-less brows mimic the way your brows look when you’re younger, therefore making you appear more “youthful (a beauty trend of utmost importance in Korea—there’s a reason why most Korean women were delving into ampoules and essences while their U.S. counterparts were just starting to use serums).

SEOUL, South Korea — No-one in fashion would dispute the importance of Asia’s fourth largest economy. The numbers simply speak for themselves. But outside fashion’s inner sanctum, there is a sense that the value placed on this nimble nation is somehow disproportionately high. So much that it seems like the world’s fashion leaders are watching the Korean market.Seen next to the numbers pumped out by fashion in Japan and China, Korea doesn’t stack up to its nearest Asian neighbours by any tangible measure. In terms of growth, sales or reliable spending figures, it doesn’t even come close and it probably never will. Yet in spite of its relatively small size and a recent economic slowdown, Korea has infiltrated the fashion industry’s 'A League' of Asian markets.