bird pattern dress

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You will immediately fell for these birds printed dress, and has a sleeveless mini dress all worked up in your head before it arrived!

The fabric is soft and perfectly lightweight. It is still really cute, but felt more like a casual dress. The Kakuu Basic clothing store from Korea line

has a few more great prints and color ways, and you can’t say enough great things about the feel, stretch, and quality of the bird pattern dress.

It stays beautifully, feels high quality and durable, and is super comfortable. When you choose this bird print, you are considering your own style,

how you like to dress in mostly neutrals with occasional pops of color. We’ve already got new projects brewing with them in mind!


Take a closer look at our selection of bird pattern dress in our stores or at our store clothing from Korea. We offer fast and safe delivery on all items

bought at KakuuBasic's webshop. A bird pattern dress is not only beautiful to look at, it is also important to take the comfort of the dress into account.

Feeling confident in your clothes is essential and it is an everlasting piece in a woman's wardrobe. The dresses in our collections range from feminine,

classic to edgy and raw. Even though you wear a beautiful scarf,  its of no use if you don’t have a matching  and fit dress for that scarf.


shoulder about 38 cm, bust about 90 cm, the length of a garment about 78 cm, width of a sleeve about 19 cm


Lee Ho Sin is Wearing Skyblue Color | Size: Free

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