2 layer uneven skirt

USD 29.25

 This 2 layer uneven skirt is part of the Kakuu Basic’s skirt collection. As one of it, 2 layer uneven skirt has the best design quality of Korean designers. As a brand clothing from Korea, at kakuubasic.com,

we necessarily know the best standard fashion clothing that will meet your fashion needs. The unique skirt provides a dazzling view of a longer layer over the length of the skirt with a different color. 

2 layer uneven skirt is suitable for any occasion, you can combined with various other garments to get the style you want. It’s what you are looking for to wear to the party or something to wear

on your first day of work. Not only comes with a great design it’s also comfy to wear. The materials are not only convenient to use but also easy to wash. It’s safe to wash it with the washing machine

and it will not damage the material. 2 layer uneven skirt also come along with accessories in kakuubasic.com. With black color, it can be paired with any color of tops and accessories with no visible overlap.

Do not be afraid of the price, ladies. Besides best quality, Kakuu Basic also offer the best price for their loyal customers.  


waist about 74 cm, hip about 90 cm, the length of a garment about 40-62 cm


Kang Yui is Wearing Black Color | Size: Free



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