K baseball crop tee skyblue

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Korean women tend to have expensive outfits, and their style looks classy. Very reliable, as there are many women who specifically seek Korean clothes.

Many Korean women are big fans of stylish clothes. They like to wear light colored outfits those keeps them look fair-skinned. Big hoop earrings and chain-type accessories

are popular among Korean fashion currently. General Korean fashion for young women, fabrics are often extremely soft and the colours are muted.


Ornate K baseball crop tee skyblue with mini skirt or long pants for even more attractive! It is dressed in best condition. It looks very spontaneously.

If you notice on the blouse the black ribbon is on the left side of the chest. These clothing are often paired with leggings or skirt that end at the knees and

a bolero jacket. Most blouses, tops and jackets are cut very high at the waist. Wearing halternecks and singlet tops below of baggier clothing is very common.



bust about 112 cm, the length of a garment about 44 cm, the width of a sleeve about 23.5 cm,

the length of a sleeve about 23.5 cm


Lee Ho Sin is Wearing Skyblue Color | Size: Free




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