Cancel of unpaid orders on the 5th day [to avoid shipping delay]
Please be informed that 'Bank Transfer' payment must be completed before day 5th and then we are to cancel the unpaid orders on the 5th days from the date the order were placed. You will need to place a new order if it has been cancelled. The status of your order can be monitored at 'My Account' > 'Order Status'.



Payment details in the bank remittance form [Remittance form to the bank]
- Please write the order number in the "payment details" on the remittance application form at your bank so that we can easily identify the payment.
- After completing the payment, please notify us immediately under 'My Account' > 'View Message' > 'Send a Message'. Write down the remitter's name on your message, name on the "payment notice" must be same with the one on the transaction receipt issued by the sender` bank. Otherwise we can not identify the payment to our bank account.


 03-07-2013 Free global shipping on order[s] amount of USD200
We are pleased to inform our customers that we apply Free Global Shipping on the order amount of USD200 effective from 16:00 (GMT +8), 03 Jul, 2013.
* valid for Standard Delivery Services
* valid for National & International addresses
* limited time period
 15-06-2015 Satisfaction Guarantee Program (Indonesia Customers)
We hope by this new return policy is fully launched, we can boost customer satisfaction. Satisfied customer is crucial and to help us improve our products and services.
* for more information please read our Return Policy for Indonesia Customers