2 color sleeveless tee

USD 5.85

The language goes sorts of 2 color sleeveless tee? You do not have to try all the things especially ornate when you are on this 2 color sleeveless tee.

You will often sport on evident skirts or slim trouser to go along well with this tee shirt. This 2 color sleeveless tee is something we present on dual shades;

blue and white color. On another hand, this tee is perfectly sport on most lighter shades, you might opt for bright bottoms to pair up with the delightful 2 color sleeveless tee.


bust about 98-120 cm, the length of a garment about 67 cm,

the width of a sleeve about 18 cm


Dong Hwa is Wearing Blue Color | Size: Free



SKU: 0713032-1